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Fedora Documentation Licensing

Posted on 2006.02.14 at 09:48
I have returned from blog hiatus. Here's the result of one thing we've been doing in the meantime.


Summary -- Fedora is relicensing our content to be under the OPL without options, that is, without section VI. LICENSE OPTIONS envoked.


This license is a nice, readable balance of openness and protection for the copyright holder. With the relicensing of Red Hat content under the same license (OPL without options), content is going to flow like the tide, in and out of the Red Hat lagoon.

You have questions right now, such as, doesn't Red Hat already use the OPL? Yes, Red Hat has been using the OPL for many years byt with the two options invoked. Red Hat is no longer invoking those options and are pledging to make content free, and keep it free. Read the FAQ for more details.

Here is the process the Fedora Documentation Project is following to relicense. If you have contributed to the Wiki or the formal Fedora docs, this process includes contacting you, starting with a detailed announcement to fedora-docs-list this week:


As for the Red Hat content, keep your eyes open for new projects starting from within the Fedora Documentation Project. As we move formerly-restricted-by-OPL-clauses content outside of Red Hat, new modules are landing in CVS (cvs.fedora.redhat.com), and the Red Hat lead writers/editor-in-chiefs are going to be self-introducing and leading those guides.

<Hannibal_Smith>I love it when a plan comes together.</Hannibal_Smith>

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