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Moving to

Although I'll keep the account, this is my last blog post from my Live Journal account. It's a great service, and I appreciated the serendipity it has brought me. I'm consolidating my activities under one domain, Ironically, it was the fact that my preferred nick 'quaid' was taken on Live Journal that led the invention of "i, quaid" as a blog name.

Following this post, I'll be having my feed on the Fedora Planet updated to the "Fedora" category at After that, I can post as much as I want in other categories and not have it all appear on the Fedora Planet. :)

If for some strange reason you are watching my blog individually, go ahead and change your feed now.

One reason for radio silence from this blog for so long is I have been busy building up the developer content portal at Red Hat, called Dev Fu. We are just beginning to pull the veil off that project. It is also run in a blog format, using Lyceum, which is developed in sync with WordPress. I now run the same blog engine for my personal and work writing.

From a writer standpoint, I've been incubating and preparing to be writing a lot more. Somehow it seemed necessary to go quiet in my blog for a while, then start off the unveiling of Dev Fu with a change in my personal blogging.

From an editor-in-chief standpoint, the fun is just beginning. Check out the first article we published, Continuing the Conversation -- Understanding Seam Nested Conversations.

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