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CC Live Content and other fun stuff [Live from LinuxWorld]

Creative Commons Live CD

A few weeks ago I got to hear about the CC Live Content CD we're presenting here at LinuxWorld. It is a Fedora-based distribution that includes tools for creating and sharing content. Lots of attention here at the booth. I got some video of the developer who put the Live CD together form a technical side, and I'm going to hit the content people a bit later. I'm really interested in that side of thing personally. When I get something edited out of those, I'll post at least the Fedora-specific remix.

Here is some raw video of the Fedora/Creative Commons booth. This video is under the CC BY-SA, and if you want to convert it into an OGG, please do so. Send me a copy (or a link to one), and I'll host and post about it. Darn slow connection at LinuxWorld makes it hard to 'yum install' a video encoder.

We're all in some pretty distinguished company. :)

Matt Domsch and the Dell Linux Video Blog

Matt, who is a fellow Fedora Project Board and a Dell Linux architect, was cruising around with a cameraman, and still managing to keep it real on the Dell Linux blog. He stopped Jack and I, and we talked about the strides Fedora has made as an open project. I personally talked about, Transifex, and the Fedora Localization (L10N) project in general. These are projects that comprise the Localization Feature of Fedora 8. All of this is happening as part of Fedora's participation in the Google Summer of Code.

Jack then talked about Fedora's focus on open build tools and live media creation, and talked in some detail about the CC Live Content CD.

General Show Impression

I've definitely seen it more packed, but it is still pretty busy and a premier show. Always a mix of new and old users; some people need basic explanations of what open source is or what Fedora is; some people have very advanced questions and ideas. That is the way at the Fedora booth. Fewer apologies for past mistakes to make this year, but there are no new apologies for current situations.

When I got here this morning, there was a cluster of people in the central area, and then many folks outside of that. The central area is right inside the main doors, and all the BIG VENDORS who spend BIG BUCKS have their booths there. That is where Red Hat used to be before we decided to focus our attention on the next generation through Red Hat Summit and FUDCons.

In that core, the ratio of booth workers to attendees was pretty good. I'd guess about 1.5 attendees for every booth staffer. Out on the fringes a bit, and the situation changes a bit. The smaller players have a lot of staffers, and not as many attendees. That was around 11 am this morning.

In the .Org Pavilion, which is strangely curtained off, the ratio of attendees is far greater than booth staffers; probably around 3:1, depending.

It still feels as if having a booth at LinuxWorld makes a vendor relevant to a whole group of people. Is that the only group there is? What does a vendor lose not being here? I'm curious if others who attend LWCE think that Red Hat should be here, or maybe we should push our Fedora presence even more.

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