iquaid (iquaid) wrote,

Understanding the differences between the Fedora Board and FESCo

There is a lot of traffic in Fedora blogs these weeks about the upcoming elections for the Fedora Project Board (FPB) and the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo). As a newly about-to-be-inducted FPB member, and someone who runs an equivalent steering committee (FDSCo), I can help shed some light on the differences between the bodies.

My objectives -- to make clear the distinction between these bodies; to interest some of you to run for election in one or both groups; to convince all of you to vote and care.

The Board sets the direction and strategic goals. FESCo oversees the implementation of those goals.

JoshBoyer had an example on #fedora-devel the other morning:

< jwb> ... board says "we need to put Fedora on cell phones". FESCo goes and oversees the adaptation required for that

An actual historical example was when the Board decided, "We need to get Core out of RHT internal build and merge it with Extras in an external, free-for-all build environment anyone can contribute to." FESCo made that happen -- defined tactically how it was to be done, then did it.

Who might be interested in running for which position?

* FESCo -- anyone who wants to influence the direction of how Fedora moves forward
* FPB -- anyone who wants to influence the direction of where Fedora chooses to move forward to

Another example -- the Board is Thomas Jefferson, while FESCo are Lewis and Clark.

Enough? Nominate yourself for FPB and/or FESCo.

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