iquaid (iquaid) wrote,

Took a while to grow on me ...

Fact: I'm typically not an early adopter, except in the sense that my entire life is in early adopter mode. What I really mean is, although I exist in a world of visionaries creating new and returning old methodologies, I often wait for things to mature a bit before I commit to a change. Bit of a fogey in that way.

It's no surprise that I haven't taken to the new range of social software, mainly for a whole bunch of reasons. So much to manage with so little benefit, unless I have the gobs of time of a teenager or bored office worker. Coincidentally, I think these are the same problems that Mugshot set out to avoid or solve (or both.) And I'm finding it is working for me.

Maybe it's just that I waited for it all to mature a bit. :)

It makes me happy that it's so easy to mash together a feed from Pandora and make it pop up on Mugshot really is doing the job I need it to; helping me to pull together my stuff and other people's stuff in a way that is above (meta) the common feed-ing rabble.

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