iquaid (iquaid) wrote,

Getting a Pandora music feed into Mugshot

The hack with Mugshot is to create a new group, and use that to group feeds together. I guess I have a classical view of a group as "something you invite people to", and I suppose I _am_ inviting people to view this content, so it can be a grouping. Whatever.

It hasn't worked entirely right, yet anyway. I created a new group "I, Quaid", for the sole purpose of getting it to appear in my Mugshot page stacker. It also appears in my Mini Mugshot on Instant home page, thanks.

I started this because I wanted to give out a feed of some great songs I'm listening to, without overwhelming by giving a continuous feed. *yawn* Pandora lets me bookmark a song or artist as I'm listening to it, and I added those as feeds into the new group. So far, my Mugshot client stacker is working fine, as is the one on my Mugshot page. The mini/badge isn't picking up the songs yet, but I'm hopeful. :)

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