iquaid (iquaid) wrote,

Spank that webpage, it's been born again

Breathing new life into this URL:

In anticipation of heavy server loads during the upcoming Fedora 7 release, we decided to post a series of lightweight, static HTML pages as the front of Those pages quietly went live today.

This also lets us try out a new style, and decide how much of it we want to roll into the upcoming Plone installation.

The whole history is mainly on fedora-websites-list, and many people contributed to make the pages happen. In particular, Ricky Zhou and Máirín Duffy (design and CSS), Thomas Chung (content control), and Mike McGrath (Mr. Fixit) really pushed to make it happen. From the peanut gallery on fedora-websites-list, Bart, Craig, Paulo, Rahul, John B., Nicu, Adam, Damien, John P., Wilmer -- thanks for the CSS fixes, design and content tweaks, and support throughout.

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