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Ah, there's my Red Hat Summit Mugshot group, thanks

Posted on 2007.05.06 at 20:02
Last year at the Red Hat Summit 2006, we introduced the very rad Mugshot. Along with that, the Red Hat Summit 2006 Mugshot group was created. It was a cool thing at the next morning's keynote when people throughout the audience were using Mugshot and the new group to web swarm about the speaker and his topics.

Since I'm not going to be at the Red Hat Summit this year[1], I wanted to join a Mugshot group to keep track of what is going on, while it is happening. One quick search later, and I am now a member of the (open) Red Hat Summit 2007 Mugshot group. Just like I wanted.

[1] We got our time (OGG) last year at the Summit to announce 108. A year later, I am still focusing on developers through 108, Fedora, and other online services. Unfortunately for me, there are more Red Hat developers talking at the Summit this year than there are attending. So, if I want to go spin my yarn in 2008, I have to make it a goal to get the % of developers attending 2008's Summit to be bigger. Maybe if I can double the numbers, I'll get a talk accepted. :)


ext_17616 at 2007-05-07 13:46 (UTC) (Link)


I remember joining Mugshot as it was announced at the 2006 Summit, and then using it to virtually comment on the keynotes live (q.v. Statler and Waldorf)! Hopefully some folks will be doing the same this year; sorry you can't be there.
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