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More Fedora Foundation news

Posted on 2005.06.10 at 10:08
This morning Karen Bennet made an update to the community about the Fedora Foundation.

Here are my thoughts tied into a synopsis, for the bullet-needy:

1. There is currently only an intent to create the Fedora Foundation (FF)

This is a Good Thing. We, the Fedora community, want the FF created in the open with our input. Mark Webbink only announced the intention of forming the FF.

2. A goal of the FF is to help the community go from consumers to contributors of Fedora

By holding all the control cards close to its chest, Red Hat has a harder time attracting big and small contributors who are concerned about "giving away" to a potential competitor. Similarly, potential contributors who are competitors amongst themselves need a more neutral, third-party in overall charge of the Fedora Project.

One good comparison I heard this week is with the Eclipse project. While it was an IBM-only project, they couldn't attract the contribution of competitors because it was seen as giving work away to IBM. Eclipse has greatly benefited from being its own entity.

3. Red Hat continues to control Fedora Core, and this is not likely to change anytime soon.

The Fedora community doesn't need Red Hat to drop the reins. There is enormous value to everyone in having Red Hat control the project management, development, and build systems of the Core of the distribution. The FF is not about abandoning Fedora. It is about building a new, larger house where more projects can flourish under the Fedora roof.

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