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Where are my West Coast Fedorans?

Posted on 2007.08.09 at 11:32
Just curious what is going on with Ambassadors and Fedora friends, users, and developers out here on the West Coast?

Are there many of you? What would get you to come to LinuxWorld San Francisco to contribute to the Fedora presence? How about OSCON? SCALE?

This year the booth is better than ever (OGG video of the booth). We are co-operating with Creative Commons, and it's nice to have such excellent booth mates.

But the sum total of Fedorans staffing this booth is two: Jack and me. It's cozy, but we have more room. There is lots to talk about. I've answered more OLPC questions than anything, so it doesn't even require technical expertise. Just enthusiasm and a wee bit of patience.


(Anonymous) at 2007-08-10 20:42 (UTC) (Link)

What a smooge would need...

1) A month's notice
2) Cash to travel/hotel space/etc.

but then again I am not on the West Coast but the landlocked SouthWest.
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